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Common courtesy
8 Nov 2016 | Comment

Person #1 to person #2 : Thank you :)
Person #1: Welcome, myself  :')

 I started noticing this for quite some time now. I have the [lame] habit of being overly polite when I'm obliged. I have a low threshold between feeling thankful and obliged to begin with. I easily feel obligated for even the slightest good deed done to me. It's almost as if one can call me "The Muchas Gracias Girl". That pretty much explains the problem with me in this topic.

In some instances though, maybe it's not me who's the problem. And maybe being overly polite shouldn't even be called a problem if it doesn't bring about any drawbacks in possessing the trait. And no, being benign has never caused me any chagrin. It just got me wondering why a large number of people I have come across don't have the sense of common courtesy; often a time being something one could easily mutter a "Thank you" or a "Welcome". Just a few seconds, it does not even take up 1% of the effort one puts into chatting or ranting relentlessly the rest of the day.

Like, come one, people.

It's common and courtesy for a reason. Common as it is the same across any culture I believe, at least among the cultures and norms here supposedly. Courtesy as in exchanging pleasantries among socially apt people.

Maybe it doesn't come naturally to some. But it's only so long until one comes across another polite individual and realize just how pleasant subtle politeness can be and pick it up from there, right?

Sadly, that appears to not be the case. Not with the common faces I come across.

I just hope they pick up this virtue at some good points in their life.

"Politeness costs nothing but yields much"



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