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27 May 2014 | Comment

What is becoming of mankind?
~by Evangelista

What is becoming of mankind,
when the world today and yesterday being absolute
a manifestation of deprivation of the human race;
history succumbs to our ignorance,
repeating itself, owing to our folly. 

What is becoming of mankind,
when it now seems they are comprehending the cosmos,
their chests swelling in conceit and vanity,
forgetting their creator, not acknowledging Him,
for all the marvels their hands have laid on, their eyes, seen.

What is becoming of mankind,
the pro-death overshadowing the pro-life,
degrading them to the pits of the earth,
mocking them, despising them, ridiculing them.

What is becoming of mankind,
when mothers these days can take pride
in aborting the unborn lives formed in their wombs;
even encouraging and fighting for legitimacy
in that unlawful act of theirs.

What is becoming of mankind,
when the statement 'faith in humanity restored..'
seems to be something inexplicable and incomprehensible,
something that contradicts itself, a paradox.

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