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What such beautiful poem composed..
20 Feb 2014 | Comment

Sonnet: For a Dark Child
by Aishika J

You’re constantly bombarded, to be fair

Is to be milky as porcelain snow.

Your somber skin is under stable stare,

And wincing under everlasting blows.

Your hands are marked by deepest vermillion.

You scrub them raw till they bleed scarlet red.

Your thoughts are twin to those of a billion;

The sun veils the stars, like yarn shrouding thread.

But to me, dark dahlia dims the lily white,

The sight of you leads me to brim with love,

Alone your charm fills my heart with delight,

And I would take a raven to a dove.

Remember this, my brave dark flower child,

You’re beautiful because you are so wild.

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