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Flat UI Layout and yay!
13 Nov 2013 | Comment

I'm mainly posting this to credit those individuals and resources which have been great a help to me to have a kick-start in Flat UI design. But before that, I would love to enunciate what Flat UI design is, in my own words. I first developed my interest in this 'webdesign of the modern epoch' when I browsed the net for some inspiration on web designing. At that stage, my interest in web designing was at its zenith and had already got the whole of me and thus, I aspired much to get the best of it and learn as much as possible. Within a short span of time, I had already learned much about Flat UI because it's concept is simply easy- no box-shadows,text-shadows,gradients, and basically any element of the 3-D concept, it is all flat,you see where its name is derived from. One does not call a layout 'flat' without glyph icons or flat icons, as they simply complete and comply to what flat design is all about. Flat designs are simple, attractive and interactive. With a beautiful color palette that comes along, you definitely have what it takes to be called a 'Flat UI design guru' ..nahh, just're not exactly one, not if you've mastered it COMPLETELY. The following are few links of resources that came in handy for me in making my Flat layout a success;

Palette name: Autumn Berries
Credits to those resources above. I'm looking forward to learning more about this cool, modern design in websites..and I would like to humbly urge my fellow friends and acquaintances in blogosphere to make an effort in embracing and incorporating this new concept in your blogger layouts.


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