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O pressure, why besiege me?
4 Apr 2013 | Comment

  Actually, when i took a closer look on the title of this post.. the 'O pressure' sounded a lot like 'oppressor',  why sure..why wouldn't a pressure be regarded as an oppressor,rite? This week, I am tied up with so many homeworks and folios to work on.Besides that, I also have so many revisions to do..sigh. Maybe we can learn something from William Henry Davies' immortal lines:

                                 What is this life if full of care,
                                 we have no time to stand and stare..


Hi, I'm Grace and I maintain this blog with my occasional musings. Apart from writing, I like being occupied with anything artsy, I enjoy the company of books and I like unleashing my inner nerd through occasional coding. My ideal day would be holding a book in one hand, matcha in the other, ears plugged and a cat purring on my lap.