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The Railway Children
15 Mar 2013 | Comment

 My first impression; this story's English setting is beautiful.. I totally love it. I recently drew my attention to this story because it is gonna replace the previous novel my state PMR candidates used- How I Met Myself. When I asked my English teacher why has the previous novel been replaced with another, she replied such had been done because students tend to complain  about the intricacy of the story. Well, I have no say about it..i didn't understand it as well. I was reading the first few chapters and in my mind thinking what is this story all about. The Railway Children is a wonderful story indeed.. I like the character Bobbie especially, she is very sensible like what the doctor in the story said. Apparently, I would have to be playing an act on chapters 5 and 6 of this story..gahh..that would be kindda tough..because in this chapter, it's actually about the part where the three siblings would wave torn pieces of red petticoats at the incoming train to save it from a danger ahead.I was thinking..what would be the train in my class when i am conducting the act? would be really funny to imagine a row of plastic chairs being the 'soundless locomotive train' ...LOL. The worst part is..this act I am to conduct is actually an English Oral Test..sigh,sigh,sigh.

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