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The weird part of me..
31 Aug 2012 | Comment

umm well, i don't really know what to post about, so i decided to write about the weird part of me and not the better part of me weirdness is more apparent than the conversed. 

The weird part of me:

 I like procrastinating and dilly-dallying
 I like and wish to look like a nerd (by wearing thick framed glasses and    
 I wanna be an anorexia? nah..i just wanna be skinny.
 I am never satisfied nor contended with what i have
 I am of rich taste
 I hate even the slightest blemish on my belongings
 I don't and particularly can't go anywhere without a person accompanying                                                                    
 I like to have slanted eyes ( look a lil' like chindian)
 I love calling people 'dude' (not bothering their gender)
 I don't like to smile and often prefer to portray myself as gloomy.(I have a   crooked tooth)

and yeah..that's about it..

Hi, I'm Grace and I maintain this blog with my occasional musings. Apart from writing, I like being occupied with anything artsy, I enjoy the company of books and I like unleashing my inner nerd through occasional coding. My ideal day would be holding a book in one hand, matcha in the other, ears plugged and a cat purring on my lap.