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: SAD :
21 Aug 2012 | Comment


 Really, i don't know how to express my deep feelings after i read about the Holocaust. I never really wrote about something so sad alike this, but i just don't know how to express my deep sadness and pity for those poor victims of the Holocaust. I can't contain my sadness that i am actually shedding tears as i am reading and writing about this. At this moment, i would say nothing can mask the anguish of my drooping heart, the bitter aching woe. As i saw the pictures that displayed and literally told me the torture and torment the victims of the Holocaust had endured, my heart was ripped into two, as i couldn't stand the anguish that was stabbing my heart over and over. Nevertheless, I remained sober, respecting those poor souls despite the wrenching pain i felt mentally. I was mentally fatigued indeed. Rest in peace i would say to those dying souls who had suffered and died in the Holocaust.

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