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God's amazing love
16 Aug 2012 | Comment

God has blessed me with a thankful heart
Filled with many precious things
I am grateful for His forgiving love
And the peace and happiness He brings

Budding flowers, beautiful shade trees
A warm afternoon and a cool evening breeze
The beautiful cardinal, the lovely butterfly
White fluffy clouds moving across the sky

Yellow roses and the honey bee
A friend’s visit and afternoon tea
The sparkle of a bright shining star
And making a wish on it from afar

The calming effect of a gentle rain
Softly falling against the window pane
For all these blessings I can't complain
I know God's love for me will never change

God has blessed my soul with wings to fly
And now my spirit soars high across the sky
With loving grace He forgave my sins, you see
I am thankful God's blessings are free..... touched i am

Hi, I'm Grace and I maintain this blog with my occasional musings. Apart from writing, I like being occupied with anything artsy, I enjoy the company of books and I like unleashing my inner nerd through occasional coding. My ideal day would be holding a book in one hand, matcha in the other, ears plugged and a cat purring on my lap.