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Diabolic Entrapment
29 Jun 2012 | Comment

Trapped Demons at sunset
elated at the ensuing darkness
in beguiling mood
jump whistle and dance
grin glance and prance;

impishly exhibiting their mission
To make people forget
prayers obligatory
the good mindset
to lie to cheat to kill
never to be peaceful
never to be still
always angry always ill
always to look at scrap
always to throw granite
No Faith Nor Love just spite

weakened with pride flawed inside
Life in neglect in every domain
Untrue montage, reflects the Hades
where such must remain;
Come Come!There is a way'
A window in the heart
A window in the soul
Open it! Open it Now!
Kill Kill, Kill
the anguine famine
Throw back the tambourine'
Cover Up with Duvetyn'

Erase' The Darkness, cross the reen
O' Sacred Hippocrene!
amply bestow the strength unseen
constantly my Faith, illumine'
That I may, break the diabolic entrapment
And Let in, to keep'
The sweet fragrance forever
of simple trifoliate pinnate

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