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23 Mar 2012 | Comment

yep..i do think a lot but don't say much .This happens a lot when i am with my friends(Malay, Chinese) and sometimes with my own family members too.When i am with my Malay acquaintances,I can't really speak English with them or they may not really understand it.Thus, i speak Bahasa Malaysia.The problem is, i don't really know how to translate every English word that comes to my mind when talking with them.I did better shut myself rather than vigorously trying to translate English words to Bahasa Malaysia . Then when it comes to my Chinese friends,argghh..i just find it so though speaking proper English to them .Next,when i am with any of my family members,i am just so afraid if  i speak anything out of the way.Hence, i did rather be quiet than accidentally stirring up problem .


Hi, I'm Grace and I maintain this blog with my occasional musings. Apart from writing, I like being occupied with anything artsy, I enjoy the company of books and I like unleashing my inner nerd through occasional coding. My ideal day would be holding a book in one hand, matcha in the other, ears plugged and a cat purring on my lap.