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My daily routine (school days)
25 Jan 2012 | Comment

4.00 am : Get up from bed ..take a short bath and brush teeth
4.45 am: Put on school uniformcomb hair  Eat breakfast
5.15 am : Pray a short prayer 
5.30 am : Wait for the schoolbus 
5.45 am : On the journey to school 
6.00 am -1.00 pm :At school 
2.00 pm : Back home  with loved  ones.
2.30 pm : Eat lunch 
3.00 pm : Take bath 
3.35 pm : Take a nap 
5.00 pm : Get up from nap to do homework revisions,etc.
9.00 pm : Eat dinner 
9.30 pm : Watch TV 
10.00 pm : Brush teeth 
10.25 pm : Get ready for bed 

 yep..those r my everyday routine (schooldays)


Hi, I'm Grace and I maintain this blog with my occasional musings. Apart from writing, I like being occupied with anything artsy, I enjoy the company of books and I like unleashing my inner nerd through occasional coding. My ideal day would be holding a book in one hand, matcha in the other, ears plugged and a cat purring on my lap.