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Artist : Saimir Strati
Using toothpicks to create a mosaic. Received recognition from the Guinness World Record for making the largest mosaic. Using toothpicks 1.5million that lasted for 40 days to complete.

Saimir Strati The Guitarist Mosaic Corks02
Artis : Saimir Strati

Once again Saimir make the world record with a 229.675 cap. Show on September 4, 2008 with two other world record of toothpicks (above) with mosaic are using nails! Mosaiconly takes about 27 days to complete.

Pencil-Vania Ajr-04 Med
Jaina Davis, San Francisco has a very different house! Home furnishings inspired by afriend who is an artist. Part steps of his house filled with mosaic made ​​of different colorspencil. The work's own hands 88 years old will take 5 years to complete using a pencil rodof 92.626 with a few pencil sharpeners and other Stationery

B0215 Ran-Hwang-003
Artist : Ran Hwang
He made a beautiful drawing using the buttons.

Mach Teaser
Artist : David Mach
Using the same postcard of 8.000 pieces to complete his work measuring 12 x 9 feet.

Mona-Lisa-Coffee 1444352I
Artist : Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.
In late 2009, artists from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority are using 3.604 cups of coffee to make the Mona Lisa painting. By measuring 20 x 13 feet, 8 artist takes 3 hours to complete.

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