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Dear Evan
23 Jul 2018 | Comment

Dear Evan,

Now is the age for you to grow and blossom to your highest potential. Work towards your goals, achieve them, create new ones, repeat. Build your resume with experiences and new-found skills. Know that time is of the essence. Feign from relationships at the moment. There will come a time for that. You're not sure yet about what you want. And that means you're not ready for one.
Don't try to be someone you're not. A life of seeking to please others is not a life well lived. Live for yourself. Be your unique self. Embrace each good quality that you have and nurture it. Build upon it more qualities that could be worthwhile.

Do all of these while
Family and friends are at your disposal,
Plenty of resources are at your disposal,
Time is at your disposal,
And opportunities are at your disposal.

So don't get too swept away by the notion of love and trying to please others. Instead focus on building your knowledge and skills repository and work towards securing an exciting and promising career path.

There will come a time where
Time is all you need,
And therefore you spend more days alone trying to finish up things,
And wisdom is at your disposal,
And maturity,
And you seek for a company to share your life with,
Then and only then, you seek out for love.
Your sincere self,


Gone Too Soon
21 Jul 2018 | Comment

I have yet to tell you so many stories
I have yet to show you all that I've achieved
I have yet to show you the person I've become
I have yet to share a warm embrace with you 
I have yet to tell you that I love you
I have yet to tell you that I'm sorry

You have yet to tell me your stories
You have yet to tell me all the pain you've suffered
You have yet to tell me the heartaches you've endured

We have yet to celebrate life's joys together again
We have yet to share in life's sorrows together again
We have yet to reunite as family again


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19 Jun 2018 | Comment


I can't recall many memories with you,

But the ones that I can,

Were recent memories with you.

I thank God for showing me a way,

For me to see you, to talk to you,

For us to be father and daughter again.

I remember so vividly,

The last hug that we shared,

Before you were admitted,

And machines became your new companion.

I remember how sick you were,

Bouts of cough, spits of phlegm,

You could hardly walk,

But you were still determined to bring me,

To savor on a favorite dish together.

I wish I could go back in time,

To tell you how much we love you,

And want you back.

Know that you will be remembered always.

Your laughter and corny jokes,

will always remind us,

of days filled with your warm company.

You will be missed dearly.

R.I.P Papa ♥

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