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Love-hate relationship
22 May 2018 | Comment

Sometimes I want to hug everyone I pass by and say how special and loved they are,

Sometimes I want to tune-out to the world and plug my ears to heavy metal,

Sometimes I want to write positive notes to people to brighten up their day,

Sometimes I want to tuck in in bed and lament all my misery,

Sometimes I want to give a rose to passerby's just to see them smile,

Sometimes I want to cry myself to sleep from afflicted wounds,

Sometimes I want to motivate someone and tell them that they are destined for their goals,

Sometimes I want to feign a smile to fake a concerned face to someone else's boring problems,

When I love, I love deeply and hard. When I don't all that is left is a void space that you don't deserve.  


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Penny wise, or so, for the lack of a better title
17 May 2018 | Comment

Constrained to a limited student budget every month, it's important for students alike me to be penny wise. I have always been a big spender. Back in my pre-u days, clothes had been my main spending factor. When I entered degree, clothes were no longer my attraction in malls or online shops. Instead, food. How can anyone compensate on food for anything else? Especially when you're stuck in a campus surrounded with more finger-licking food outlets outside of the vicinity. One might think it's no big deal spending on a good meal every once in a while. Well again it's food, no one, not you nor me should cry over how much we spend on food. But we'll get to that in a bit. So apart from food, I had been spending on books and more recently, on art supplies. I don't want to get to the small details about why I had been splashing my money on these things just so I can justify my plain spendthrift self. Here's the thing lads and lasses; your bank account does not give a flying f__k about whether or not you have enough to feed your primitive stomach or your wild ideas about getting all artsy and productive out of the sudden.

So at the beginning of the month you can easily find yourself as this:

I'mma protect my money from all ze temptations

And then not very far down the road you realize you actually didn't know what you thought you knew:

Been there, done that.

Here's the real piece though; whenever you have an amount of cash with you, always make a mental note on it's breakdown - to the 10's, 5's and all the way down to the 1's. Imagine just how much value each of these smaller breakdowns could hold - feed your raging belly for maybe a week, take you the nearby mall to save you from hostel boredom, feed a needy cat, buy a gift for your mum, and all that is more humbler and pleasant. If you have a surplus, then go ahead and create a separate savings-only account. Save it in the safe for emergency, for a future date, for some fun after the semester ends.

For someone like me who had tried but failed so many times, I can say that this way had proven to have had some effect on me. Not even an extra savings account or an expenses tracker could do the trick.

That's all from me for now folks. Remember, break it down. Rule of the thumb 👍🏻


Tutorial: Custom Word Template
8 May 2018 | Comment

Sometime ago I had the opportunity to design a sponsorship proposal for an event that was organized by IT Society MMU. For that I had figured a way to create a custom template for the proposal's pages using none other than Photoshop and of course, MS Word.

If you wish to skip straight to implementing the template in Word, you can download the .psd file for the template here.

The design - Adobe Photoshop
The output:

Click here to download the images for the template.

Open Photoshop and create new document with a custom width and height of 8.5 x 11 inches.

Open the images that you have downloaded and place it into position in the blank document.

Click the rectangle tool and set the stroke to a weight of 10.89px.

Draw a horizontal line that extend from the gear to the left side of the document.

Next, click on View > New Guide. Make a vertical guide positioned at 50% of the document's width.

Click on the 'Text' tool and click on a spot above the footer line and drag to get a desired text box like so:

Next, click on Window > Character and make adjustments as follows:

Then double-click on the text layer and add a 13px white stroke to the text. Ensure that the text layer is above the line that you had drew earlier.

This should give your text a white outline that makes it stand out from the line behind.

Click on the top most layer and Shift + Click on the second bottom most layer and group the selected layers together.
Double-click on the group and tick on 'Color Overlay' and change the color to #014d48. Set the blend mode to 'Screen'.

Now that you're done, go to File > Export > Quick Export as PNG. Type in a file name and save. Voila you now have a template ready to be converted into a Word template!

The implementation - MS Word

Open a blank document in Word. Go to Layout > Margins > Custom Margins and set all margins to 0.

Once done, click Insert > Pictures and browse the template that you had saved earlier with a .png extension.

The image should fit the whole blank document. Next, click on 'Layout Options' and click 'Behind Text'.
Click on Insert and pick the text box option. Click and drag a field across the template.

Optional: Set the Shape Fill and Shape Outline to 'No Fill'. Type in any text into the text box.

A dummy text with 22px Calibri font that is justified

Next, add another text box on top of the gear at the bottom-right. Set the Shape Fill and Shape Outline to 'No Fill' and enter a desired page number.

Last but not least, click on File > Save As, enter a file name and save as Word Template.

To use the same template for future documents, simply click on 'Personal' when creating a new blank document and you should be able to see your custom template displayed.

Happy writing!

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