Psychology and Carl Jung comment

  The topic of psychology has never failed to tickle my fancy. I would not claim psychology as one of my core focus in my daily pursuit of reading and educating myself. It's not a topic I would deliberately look up to find interesting reading materials on normal occasions. However, I do think that the topic of psychology shows up at even the most ordinary day-to-day interactions with the world around me. And for that matter, apart from the tiny jolts of awe I derive every so often from reading psychology materials, I think learning psychology is more of a necessity to help me understand and navigate through life.

 During my foundation year, as per requirement of my course, I had been introduced to a subject called Psychology of Thinking. Many of my fellow coursemates at that time thought that it was rather an unnecessary subject to undertake. I admit that I too had such notion. But soon enough I began religiously studying the subject as I found it to be a mean of sating my curiosities about the human mind. And all throughout, I found joy in learning that subject as I explored more and more about other aspects of psychology such as personality, the sleep cycle, the various psychological approaches in psychological researches, the founding fathers of modern day psychology, among many more albeit in most instances, only brief introductions and definitions were studied in class. But during the course of learning the subject and after completing it, I was equipped with a decent amount of knowledge that propelled me to dive deeper into the topic of psychology.
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  For those who are keen on psychology read-ups, Carl Jung is a name you might have stumbled upon more often than not. I first came across this name on an article in Listverse where I had first heard of Carl Jung's book Liber Novus or more commonly known as The Red Book. I learned that the book consisted of rather mysterious and peculiar depictions of the author's state of mind during a period of time where the influential psychiatrist Carl Jung was said to have experienced a 'confrontation with the unconscious". Jung would induce hallucinations upon his own self during this time and would record his dealings and experiences with his unconscious together with vivid depictions through paintings for 16 years in a leather-bound book that would soon come to be known as The Red Book.

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A few pages from inside of The Red Book

I have always been intrigued by the mysterious and lesser-known. Even more so when psychology forms a mesh with these. Although I know nothing more of the book as I have not studied the book myself, I have however developed a sense of awe for this renowned psychiatrist.  Apart from taking admiration upon his works in analytical psychology for which he is well-known for, I am also fascinated by his personal journey and experience in encountering with the unconscious, which was done deliberately and diligently, in isolation, for 16 years.


Dearest comment

My Dearest,
You have been so kind to me;
Streaming sweet words into my ears,
Calming my tempest mind,
and bringing to my weary soul,
an affectionate slumber.

My Dearest,
Ever since you became a part of me,
I have known nothing but the sweet serenity
of loving and being loved,
And the joy in caring,
And in nurturing an everlasting bond with you.

My Dearest,
Whenever I see your face,
Or hear your dulcet voice;
A fire in my heart is rekindled;
That fills my heart with warmth,
And mellows my zealous spirit.

My Dearest,
You are like the unsung hymn
That my heart has yearned for,
And being the newfound hymn that it is,
The labyrinthine nature of a life that is mine,
is finally filled with petals through which I can traverse.

My Dearest,
I long for your dear company,
To fill the rest of the days of my life;
Till the soles of my foot has worn out,
Till the crown of my head has greyed and grown scarce,
Till death do us part.

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YTM Induction Camp 2017 comment

I attended YTM Induction Camp from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October. It was a 4 day 3 nights camp and it was a truly fun-filled experience.

This year's camp took place at Klana Resort, Seremban. A total of 80 participants from YTM's Talent-A scholars checked in to Klana Resort on Friday afternoon. Upon arrival, I did think that the place looked decent and nice. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the interior during the course of my stay there 😕

We were greeted by TM's friendly staffs and we were immediately directed to the registration booth to collect our hotel room pass, nametags and t-shirt and some stationaries. We were also returned copies of our scholarship agreement.

Me receiving a copy of my scholarship agreement

The first day comprised of several talks and games, just like the other two days that followed. We were divided into groups of five. A large number of the students there were the familiar faces from my hostel block, my class, and some from a different faculty in the same campus. Some were from Malacca campus and some were freshies. We introduced each of ourselves and got to know a little about each member from our group.

The trainer, Mr.Syam introduced to us a point-rewarding 'system' that seemed to have 'governed' the entire program! The next few sessions until the end of the program were basically each group trying their best to receive as many cards as possible as scores from each group were taken at the end of each day.

Apart from that, we were introduced some taglines to be used throughout the program. The constant repetition made it all sound so redundant and plain annoying to be honest! 😂

The timing was a little off the scheduled time in the itinerary and that caused the whole program to be delayed 😑. The schedule was packed and tiring to say the least. The program ended at 2 o'clock in the morning on the first day. I was dead sleepy and wanted to just tuck in bed peacefully but the hotel room was just too cold!

The next morning I was shivering so bad after I woke up early in the morning already feeling like a zombie to get through another day. It felt so pleasant to have hot shower and I wished I could have stayed longer in the warm steam.

Second day had everyone beaming with more enthusiasm. We got more familiarised with one another and each of us started showing more team-spirit and as a whole contributed to a better teamwork compared to the previous day. I actually grew to like my team a lot. Each member was very participative and best of all, friendly and fun to work with 💓.

We were assigned a group work whereby we were assigned 10 groupfie challenges that were then compiled into a single video.

'Serious' group photo

'Human Pyramid'

Funny group picture

Casual groupfie

A groupfie at the perfomance lounge

groupfie with a hotel worker

'Teaming with passion'

Throughout our stay at the resort, we were pampered with good and rich the food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was a buffet and there were also a lot of tea breaks in between!

Later that evening, we were given a fairly long break. Much to our relief! Amidst all the faked enthusiasm we secretly wished for a long break off from all the long talks and what not😂. My friends and I had decided to hit the swimming pool.

Boy we had so much fun! 

Fast forward, second day came to an end after what seemed like an eternity. Dinner. Talk. Games. Groupwork. Sleep.

Third day was fast to approach and I found myself befriending more fellow scholars and being more participative than ever. I also volunteered to answer questions in front! That was very unlike me under most normal circumstances. In retrospect, I believe it was because of all the positive reinforcement, affirmation and the motivating environment.

In the evening, we took part in High Rope as part of our outdoor activity. Two representatives from each group were sent for each round. I was hesitant at first to take part in the activity although I never had issues with heights. I refused at first as I was afraid of screwing up mid air and embarassing my groupmates as it was my first time😂.

After pondering for a while, I convinced myself to get up there and tackle the 'challenge' knowing not when I would stand another opportunity to take part in such an activity.


 It was so thrilling! I did not feel scared admittedly, but there were certain instances where I got a mini heart attack due to my fumbling balance😆. No regrets.

Just as fast as it approached, third day was quick to come to a close too.  And as exciting the day could get, my team happened to collect the most points and was announced the winner! The day came to a wrap with YTM dinner with the YTM family. We sat together with the staffs and chatted with them.

Well done Red Team!

And of course, not to mention lots of groupfies, selfies and what not!

with my buddy Sasmitta

We got ready for bed after that but not without first doing some mischieve and having fun. We karaoked together, teased each other and even pulled a prank on one of our friend!

The next day we had our breakfast, said our thanks and good-byes to the YTM staffs and departed for Cyberjaya. We were sure to catch some nap before class that very day.

All in all it was a great chance to get to know and bond with the YTM family and to get to know of opportunities and simply to get a boost in self confidence, increase intrinsic motivation and to widen my circle of friends.

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Faith and heartbrokeness comment

So it's been nearly three weeks since the last I saw my dad when he had come to fetch me back to university after Merdeka break last August. My dad texts me and says that he has been admitted in hospital over a heart issue. He says that only two of his heart chambers are working and that his heart has grown weak and not strong enough to pump all the fluid throughout his body. He says that he had seen his thighs and legs get swollen and that this was the reason he had gone to the hospital to check. He is experiencing a heart disease. And from what I have read, this could be a case of congestive heart failure whereby blood is pumped less effectively due to the weakening of the heart. Due to this, fluid can slowly build up and gravitate towards lower areas of the body such as the leg, leading to what is known as edema.

My mom, on the other hand, tells me that she had recently been admitted in a hospital too for chest pain. So I get all these heartbreaking news all while in the midst of preparing for my mid term papers and completing my programming assignment. I am sad beyond doubt. I instinctively cry out to God in the inside. I've not prayed for a long time. I've not gone to church for a long time. I feel hopeless.

But I want to believe that God is looking after me. I mean DO believe that after all this time, God is keeping watch of me. At a time of low spirits like this, I so happened to have someone enter my life and accompany my lonely soul. This special someone is Ignatius. He has helped me so much in this short time of our rapport.

Heartbroken though I must say, to have seen my father in such a condition like never before and to look at how lonely this man is, even at his sickbed, I want to acknowledge God for mitigating the pain through a wonderful person he has chosen to put in my life.

In faith I still stand strong.

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