Post-foundation and Degree commencement comment

It's been nearly a week since the commencement of a new semester and hence, my bachelor's degree programme. Two weeks prior I had completed my foundation studies in Computer Science. Then came the long awaited sem break right after finals. I don't remember having accomplished much during the break apart from diving into the basics of JavaScript - the long-delayed language which I had enlisted as an agenda to tick off alongside learning the front-end CSS and HTML some few years back. Oh and not to mention, back to back episodes of the all new season of Shingeki No Kyojin ✌

*picture intentionally blurred
[left]Foundation ID, [right]Degree ID
Not much difference, aye?

 I had made up my mind a long time ago about taking Software Engineering simply because of the enthralling prospects that hopefully lie ahead, specifically developing apps and building websites. I am aware that while my course aims to prepare graduates for just that, much of what is in the course outline surely is going to involve a lot of things that I have never heard of and probably a considerable number of subjects and topics that I would not like learningπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Either way, like it or not, I think what every college student should know by now is that their college major plays a main role in determining their career later on down the road. And that every one of them should do themselves a favor by investing some time to carefully pick out a course to study and then get mentally prepared to undergo it within a considerable span of time.

 Viewing degree life from a rather 'pseudo' big picture seems pretty exciting and challenging to say the least. From what I have attended so far that were only introductory classes for my sem 1 subjects, I can already tell, and well perhaps anyone can tell that it's not going to be as easy as foundation. Speaking of foundation, my whole one year of foundation studies in retrospect was pleasant albeit challenging on a mediocre level. I had garnered a lot along the way, course lessons and life lessons alike. College life is very happening and hardly a day goes by where I can just laze off the day hibernating in a slumber in the comfort of my bed. That said, there was however plenty of time for rest provided I have kept in par with lessons and prep myself with early and necessary preparations and not cram on the eleventh hour instead πŸ˜‚. Been there, done that.
le official foundation transcript

Well I guess that's a wrap for now. Until next time, cheers to a prosperous degree life to all freshmen out there!

Thanks for your time and have a nice weekend ahead.

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Me and my mother comment

To my mother,

Remember those days when I was a lass,
I was young, wild and free,
Boundless in energy and beyond control.
You would sigh in exasperation,
Bellowings that reach storeys high,
Sleepless nights that ensue,
Embroiled in a hodgepodge of anxiety and helplessness:
In carrying the burden of motherly responsibilities,
In being my co-benefactor,
In being my support,
In being an authoritative figure;
Whom the child that was me would look up to,
Whom the child that was me would sulk at,
Whom the child that was me would throw tantrums at,
Whom the child that was me would make beautiful cut-out cards for,
Whom the child that was me loved and cherished most above all else.

Time passed by and I quickly became a teenager,
Probably the stage in parenthood that you had found most dreadful,
Certainly the stage of growing up which I had found most repulsive.
We always seemed to be at daggers drawn with each other,
Each trying to get the upper hand in feuds,
Trying to justify why anything happened at all;
We grew apart for some time needless to say,
We begun to realize our differences,
And as much as I nodded to the generation gap theory,
You in turn did not see that as a plausible reason,
You wanted to believe that it was plain rebellion:
Of an ungrateful daughter,
Of an insolent and spiteful girl,
Through the lens of a religion you held on to so dearly.
Little did you know that I too needed a shoulder to cry on:
And that I was not an animatronic who was bulletproof,
And that I had a heart of my own,
And that I too was easily scarred;
Maybe it was both our egos,
Maybe it was pa's ignorance,
Maybe it was the financial strain,
Maybe it was the environment,
Maybe it was fate.

Though now physically miles away from you;
I still remember it all like it was just yesterday.
Every now and then my heart aches and then I break down
To a familiar bittersweet melody that plays in my mind.
I relish on the good memories that we have shared together:
The experiences that we have had together,
The life lessons that we acquired together and from each other,
The tears that we have shed together,
The affection that we displayed to each other through thoughtful deeds,
And the strength that we have mutually upheld and fortified in each other.
I long for better years and brighter days to come by,
That sees you as a happier and a more contended aging flower,
Your worries laid aside,
Your burdens uplifted,
Your pain mitigated,
Your soul afresh and renewed.

Know this that no matter what happens, I'll always love you. And maybe that's a cliched way to end this post but sometimes the simplest of words can have the most profound meaning.

Happy Mother's Day in advance, ma! πŸ’“πŸ’“

Lots of love,

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Star Edu Fund, pt.1 comment
Image result for star edu fund

Interview @ Management & Science University, MSU

  • The day before
I crammed the night before to prepare a video for my physics' assignment. I appointed myself as the group leader and took matters into my hands. No offense, but the rest of my team members seemed a little too laid back and incapable even if I had delegated some simple tasks. Plus it was just some video that I could easily take from Youtube and compile it together which all in all, was a one man's job. Furthermore I knew for certain I couldn't make it back on time from my interview to be present for the presentation. Hence, I thought it was only fair that I compile the video with the necessary narrations and audio as the rest would have to bear the burden of presenting it in front of the class. And yet there was this one member who felt as though she was not of much use because she was apparently not given much task to handle πŸ˜‘

Long story short, I slept late the night before. I frowned upon the idea of being ill-prepared for my interview. So I woke up early the next day, ironed my blouse, prim and proper, ready to set off on a short excursion to the place where the interview was held. The venue of the interview was at a meeting room in MSU. The journey there from my campus took approximately 2.5 hours which was not as long as I had expected.

  • First impression
On reaching the main campus, I thought to myself that the campus is really big. I found myself confused and lost. I wandered around asking for directions from students and security guards. Everyone pointed different directions. I then proceeded to ask another girl who was wearing a red baju kurung with hibiscus prints, the uniform most of the students around were donning. The girl shook her head and claimed she was new too. Just then, a young female student approached me and asked if I was looking for something. I explained to her that I was looking for directions to go to the meeting room for an interview. She proceeded to guide me to the lift and told me to go to the 15th floor. I thanked her and went on my way. On my way to the meeting room, I happened to stumble upon a Sunday school mate who happens to be a new intake student at MSU.

  • Before the interview
I was given yet another scholarship application form to fill up. I guess because the scholarship is disbursed under the university itself, we had to fill up a form for the President's Scholarship. After filling the form up, I sat at the common area where the rest of the shortlisted applicants were seated. A girl by the name Thanu befriended me and we exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a while. She was a nice and an amiable girl. Thanu's turn was up before mine. Next up was me. Thanu wished me luck and said she would wait for me outside with her mum.

  • The interview
I faked a confident stride, entered the room and greeted the panel while handing over my certs and CV to one of the interviewer. The panel comprised of two interviewers - a male and a female interviewer, the former a representative of Star, the latter a professor from MSU. I was relieved as there were only two interviewers. The lesser the number of interviewers, the lesser my chances of getting roasted, I thought. I also recognized the male interviewer to be the same guy who interviewed me for last year's Star Edu Fund scholarship interview at Methodist College, KL. Lucky I was not thrown any hard questions apart from the usual questions that you can expect in an interview- tell us about yourself and your family background, why this course, if you got an offer from uni A and uni B which would you pick, and many more questions in between derived from my response. The panel was very kind and nice. The panel and I then exchanged pleasantries and I exited the room with my certs feeling contended with how I performed.The interview lasted for approximately 20 minutes.

  • After the interview
Thanu and her mum had waited patiently outside for me. Thanu proposed the idea of having lunch outside at a mall nearby. I agreed to join as I myself was famished. After a bit of a hassle getting out of the parking lot, we finally made it out the campus after what seemed like an eternity. We headed to Aeon Mall Shah Alam and had our lunch at Vivo. I was a first-timer there and the food was heavenly, truly. We helped ourselves to pizza, marinara spaghetti, fish and chips along with oreo cheesecake for dessert. Best part of all, Thanu's mum offered to pay for the bill. I'm not gonna lie, that did indeed make my day 😁


After our hearty meal, Thanu offered to drop me at the Batu Tiga komuter station. We bid our farewells and wished each other well. And of course, no one misses out on a selfie, even if it's between two strangers who quickly became friends over a brief period of time πŸ˜‚

oh look I have feelers!

All in all I had great interview experience, garnered a good new experience of travelling solo to a place I've never been before, made a new friend and best of all, I gave reasons for me to be happier about myself, especially because when I look back in retrospect I realize I have honed better soft skills and people skills.

The interview results are said to be out in a week's time or in a fortnight. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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The never ending pursuit of scholarship applications comment

Semester 3 have been the hectic semester I foresaw during my previous semester. Being the last semester of my pre-u studies and one that spans for only a short period of two months, I had to start cramming preparations for my degree studies on top of assignment dues and tests and quizzes all around the corner. What I meant by preparations for degree here is merely taking initiatives to secure myself a scholarship/ loan or any form of financial aid for my bachelor's degree πŸ˜‚. Not any mega-early preparations for what's in my degree course outline. I'm not in any way a nerd like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

While some scholarship applications like that of MNRB Holdings opened earlier this year and was accepting SPM trial results, a large number of scholarship applications opened right after the SPM results came out in March. I applied for numerous scholarships, almost every scholarship that was applicable for me. Out of the many that I applied for, a few let me proceed to online assessments to have my competence assessed under the mercy of a yardstick that comprised of a number of challenging tests which also assessed other deserving applicants. Needless to say, I did not make it past those forsaken tests. Bless all the rest who made it through that troll of an assessment πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. Then there was one which engaged me in a phone interview on a Sunday morning when I was snoozing the day away after a night of staying up late. How convenient.

Then came two email invitations for a scholarship interview from the Star Edu Fund. I applied for 5 different universities under one same course, Bachelor's in Computer Science. Out of the five, I got shortlisted for an interview session at two universities, MSU and Sunway college. MSU on the morning of 20th, Sunway on the afternoon of 21st. Follow the links below to read up the little chronicles of my interview experience under Star Edu Fund for the respective two consecutive days.

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