How to be cool
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09 August, 2016

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I'm no cool person in reality. These are just among the things that I do to mask the bundle of nerves that I am and trust me, these have worked out pretty well! 

  • Try to not over-apologize
Some of us often find ourselves apologizing, beyond the 'necessary' threshold. In most instances, when we resort to over-apologizing for the smallest mistakes we make, we unconsciously trick our mind into believing that we are indeed losers and inadvertently cause the individual we're dealing with to feel superior to us. Thereafter, you feel low in self-esteem and cringe at the thought of the uncool thing you had just did. This in turn casts a very uncool image of you in the eyes of most people. A common misconception held by some is that the more profusely you apologize, the more humble you are. But this is really just another untrue thing some of our uncool minds have in common. The truth is others would see you as being very vulnerable and -uncool. And that's just the point.

  • Dress for the occasion
While it's okay to wear flashy or eye-catching outfits sometimes, doing it often is not the best thing to do. Instead, try and dress appropriately for the occasion. This way, you'll be able to find your niche and and not catch too many unwanted attention to be the odd one out.

  • Try to be ahead of others but don't try too hard.
This is especially a win for me. Being ahead of others naturally invokes in the rest, a feeling of awe about you. You also get to be a little more relaxed in class or workspace compared to your peers or colleagues as you have prepped yourself for the challenges ahead of you. While the cramming and burning the midnight oil that happens backstage is nothing you want to tell others about, it's definitely worth it. People will envy you for your seemingly effortless charm and coolness.

  • Be yourself
Nothing beats the comfort in being in your own skin. But nobody is perfect, yes? So at the same time, try masking certain 'unpresentable' side of you like, take profanity for instance. As for the most part, just be yourself, as long as being what defines you is appropriate with the circumstances at hand.

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To love and be loved
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06 August, 2016

"To love is to give and not count the cost,
To see and give affection;
Even when it feels as though it is unreciprocated,
As though it is going no where.

To be loved is to revel in some unexplained ecstasy,
To feel undeserving,
To feel warmth and solace,
To feel belonged and reassured."

  I have always wondered how it feels like to be loved. I’m sure some of you have also long been wanting to feel loved as not all of us were lucky to have received true love during our younger days –well at least this was the case with me during my growing up years. Naive me back in my childhood years always attributed romance and romance only with the word. But when I did eventually grow up to know what love actually comprises off, I was immediately greeted with the longing to feel loved by another person and maybe not hope on my family for love anymore. And after a considerable span of time, I found love <3 .

  This person I met in uni, I just want to give him all of me. Surrender my heart to him and be by him at all times if only that was possible. It’s First Love for the both of us and something as crazy dramatic as the events that took place and thoughts that developed in our minds have literally, uh- happened? Yeah, we hanged out together every weekend, ate together, and most recently, cuddled together in a theatre.

  It felt so good to be wrapped in his arms, to be kissed in the hand, to feel cared for, to feel loved. That momentary intimacy I experienced with him was more than anything I could ask for. It’s almost as though something inexplicable is having control of you when you’re struck by cupid’s arrow. You do things you never thought you would. Like every thought, every action is orchestrated right at that perfect moment when two lovebirds come together. For someone who has never experienced any of these episodes of loving another person so dearly, I can affirm that this was quite a milestone in my goals of aiming to build my happiness - and boy, it materialized so soon ;)


On being ME..
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   Often, people see me as one mundane of a being, incapable of much emotions and ...well let's just assume people see me as a social recluse as that is how I see myself through their eyes. Oh and yeah maybe this is worthy of a mention too - I can know what people's perception of me a certain extent. :))
  • · I can’t help but overthink to the point I don’t get to grasp exactly the matter in hand
  • · I am extremely pedantic about my choice of words used in conversing and writing although admittedly it’s not always the best
  • · I can’t love anything or anyone absolutely :(
  • · I get bored with people easily
  • · I strife for perfection in the things I think I do best
  • · I love being alone in solitude
  • · I can’t help but disfavour people who eat and spend unnecessarily too much. Yucks
  • · I find it extremely hard to engage in a conversation with people
  • · I find it hard to associate myself with other people
  • · Family is not everything to me
  • · I love my blanket and would wrap myself up like a burrito even in the warmest of weathers
  • · I find my self-esteem fluctuating across different situations and that is one heck of a tiring thing to cope with
  • · I am very inclined to ‘rising to the challenge’ in intellectual things within the realm of my capabilities
  • · I have a high regard for people with a good command in the English language. Peace.
  • · I naturally love reading and writing. I’m boring like that
  • · I find it hard to empathize with people. Yeah apathetic maybe
  • · I am absent-minded most of the time I spend socialising with people
  • · I fake my emotions all too often
  • · I do love everyone the same and therefore I try my best to treat everyone equally
  • · I can’t help but ‘binge’ in unhealthy thoughts. Oops.
  • · I highly value openness and liberty
  • . I can estimate time somewhere somewhat near accurate  (note: my lame superpower )

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